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Choosing the right ERP for your company  requires an understanding of the software's functionality  to evaluate it against your company's business needs. .The best way to begin is by watching  Odoo product videos regarding the functioning of each module such as CRM, Sales, Manufacturing, Human Resources and many more.  Please check out the videos on this page to get you started. 


Odoo Overview

Odoo is a cloud based business software with apps that cover all business processes from CRM, Finance, Sales, Purchasing and Manufacture.


Odoo Purchasing

Odoo Purchasing includes sending out RFQ to multiple vendors, confirming purchase orders and receiving goods in inventory


Odoo Projects

Odoo has a complete solution for project based companies that is fully integrated to finance and operations

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We have successfully assisted our client to evaluate software to suite their needs and we will also be glad to further assist in your evaluation of the software through one to one online demonstrations. 

it is necessary to schedule a free live Odoo demo with expert consultants as it is beneficial for getting an in-depth understanding of the various Odoo operations

The demonstrator gives you details about the various costs such as implementation cost, training cost, and other Odoo ERP services costs. In addition, you are informed about the ERP costing that varies depending upon your requirements and the types of hosting

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