What's new in Sage 300 2023

The following new features and improvements in both Sage 300cloud web screens and Sage 300 classic screens:

Sage 300 is more secure:
User passwords. In Sage 300 Database Setup, on the Advanced Security Settings screen, there is now only one option to require complex passwords. The complexity requirements are increased so passwords must include at least one of each of the following:
Lower case letter
Upper case letter
Special character (such as * or #)

Sage 300cloud web screens improvements

This release includes the option to install Sage 300cloud web screens: modernized versions of Sage 300 screens that you can use in a web browser.

Web screens run in parallel with Sage 300 desktop screens, so there's no need to choose between desktop or web. Everyone in your organization can use the interface that best suits their needs, while working seamlessly with a single shared set of company data.

Here's a quick overview of what's new in Sage 300cloud web screens:

New Project and Job Costing web screens. 

This release includes the following new web screens for Project and Job Costing:

Account Sets. Use this screen to create groups of general ledger accounts, which you assign to contracts to identify the general ledger accounts to which you post Project and Job Costing transactions for each contract.

Charges. Use this screen to record amounts that you charge your customers for services or fees for which you have not incurred any costs directly (such as registration fees or prepayments on a project).
Update Retainage. If you use retainage accounting, use this screen to enter opening retainage balances for contracts you are transferring to Sage 300 Project and Job Costing from another job-costing system. You also use this screen to update the retainage payable or retainage receivable for contracts, projects, and categories.

New setup report web screens. For the following Sage 300cloud applications, setup reports are now available in web screens:
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Tax Services
Bank Services
Inventory Control
Order Entry
Purchase Orders
Project and Job Costing
Use your keyboard to open screens from the navigation menu. New keyboard shortcuts for the navigation menu let you move around the menu and open screens from it.


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