Odoo Community Vs Odoo Enterprise

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Odoo Enterprise

Licensed Edition

Odoo Enterprise is the licensed version of the software. Annual Subscription is to be paid for different apps and the number of users using the system.

SAS hosting 

Odoo Cloud is offered as a service, the customer does not have to invest in on premise servers or pay additional hosting fees.  The subscription fees covers 24X7 access online, support by Odoo.


Odoo provides an optional and additional service that offers a customisable and dedicated space for the customer on their cloud servers.  Odoo provides a ready environment for customer specific customisations with access to Python code. Customers need to pay and additional subscription fees for this service

On Premise

You can choose to install Odoo on your in-house  infrastructure on your premises instead of the cloud. Annual fees paid is identical to the SAS cloud offering 


The Enterprise customers are directly supported by Odoo through certified Odoo partners

Customisations done through the Odoo enterprise Studio app are upgraded directly to new versions of the software

Customers save time and money through cloud hosting  only available in Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Enterprise provides a free mobile app for customers to transact on their mobile devices at any time and place

Many key modules such as Accounting, Subscriptions, Payroll, Field Services are only available on Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Community

Open Source Licenses

There is no license fees or subscription required to use the Odoo Community Edition. Its free to download from GitHub and can be deployed on a company server 

Customer hosting

Customers will have to arrange their own hosting either on AWS or through data centres to work with Odoo online.  The on premise option is also available for customers looking to use Odoo in house and not requiring a cloud platform

Third Party Apps

Odoo community edition allows users to download third party apps from the app store and deploy them on the Odoo Community environments.  Third part apps can also be downloaded and used with Odoo Enterprise Edition.  Some of the apps are  paid while some are free to use.

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