How to choose the best ERP Software

Make a List

Involve your users

Talk to your end users as well as decision makers to understand the key  expectations from the new system


Identify both short term and long term goals of your organisation expected from the ERP System


Talk to your vendors and customers to make sure your new system can improve your supply chain collaboration


Identify a suitable budget for the project and get approvals from the management

Blue Print


Identify an internal champion or external neutral consultant to prepare a pre project blue print covering all expectations

ROI Analysis

Identify the return on investment based on the blue print to ensure a buy in from management.  

Software Selection


Find business software that meets your blue print, a good source can be the internet,  Partners,  Colleagues,  your friends, trade shows, etc. An independent ERP consultant would be an advantage to filter the right list of software suitable for your business.


Check the prices of the different software over the internet and work out a Total Cost of ownership (TCO) for 3 years.  The TCO will include the software, the services and the infrastructure costs


Evaluate the shortlisted Software through online demos or demonstration at your offices. Involve decision makers from different departments to ensure the software meets their expectations

Vendor Selection


Find vendors with experience in implementing the business software shortlisted. Check their client references and after sales support record.


Check the prices of the different proposals submitted by vendors. Check the implementation methodology of each vendor and payment terms. The lowest quote may not necessarily be the best proposal.


Select the most suitable vendor and software based on your evaluation.

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